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Executive Team

Randall Hughes, CEO

Randall is passionate about bringing products to market that solve real problems. He draws experience from 20+ years as an executive in consumer goods, and with QFE002 has now turned his attention to developing technology that promotes clean energy, making it accessible for all.  For Randall, this new mission is personal – with his 4 kids in mind, he is doing his part to ensure that the environment will be protected for generations to come. Randall is originally from London, Ontario and holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from McMaster University.

Paul Cruz, Chief Scientist

Paul is a seasoned inventor in the electrical engineering space. Prior to founding QFE002, he developed many patents, in particular with respect to electrical safety. Paul has deep experience in and commitment to clean energy, solar energy in particular. His approach to inventing comes from his own down-to-earth experience of having boots on the roof and troubleshooting barriers to solar energy installation first-hand. When Paul is not in his workshop prototyping new ideas, you may find him hiking and enjoying the fresh air of Mount Whitney or Mount Everest!

Paul DeKleermaeker, Chief Operating Officer

Paul is a business growth expert with nearly 30 years of leadership, strategic planning, sales and business development experience along with a deep passion for renewable energy, sustainability and personal evolution. He brings a proven track record of creating and executing disruptive business strategies, developing high performance teams, forging win-win strategic partnerships, closing multi-hundred million dollar deals and successfully launching high value solutions. Paul loves empowering individuals, teams and partnerships to accelerate strategic goals and establish market leadership positions that benefit people, the planet and profits. Throughout his career he has worked in emerging industries, first in information technology, next in natural medicines, then in entrepreneurial coaching, and for over the past 10 years in renewable energy and sustainability. Paul has a BSEE from Syracuse University. When not working, you will find him spending time with his family, playing outdoors, traveling, doing yoga or enjoying his twice a day Kelee meditation practice.

Jeff Hidaka, VP Product Development

Jeff joins the QFE002 team bringing a wealth of experience from a career spanning three decades at Underwriters Laboratories. Jeff served as a principal engineer and primary technical expert for motor control centers, molded case circuit breakers, low-voltage power circuit breakers, supplementary protectors, fuses and safety switches (enclosed, pullout, molded case, etc.). After retiring from his career at UL, Jeff is excited to focus his efforts on innovation of new products and has the experience to navigate successful research and development strategies that will ensure all products are safe and compliant with standards.

Craig Curtis, VP Intellectual Property

Craig has extensive expertise in intellectual property, having both served for 7 years as a patent examiner at the USPTO and also as a patent attorney. Craig has broad corporate experience working as a patent attorney for companies ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises, successfully navigating protection of their intellectual property. In addition to his experience as a patent attorney, Craig also has a strong science background, which allows him to effectively build a bridge between inventors and the patent process. He studied laser physics as a graduate student at the University of Arizona’s Optical Sciences Center, was the recipient of the Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need fellowship, and has published several peer-reviewed articles in the field of optics. He graduated with his J.D. from the Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law. Craig is also a dedicated father and husband, as well as an 80’s music aficionado!

Greg Leiser, Consulting CFO

Greg serves as fractional CFO as a part of the accounting and advisory firm ProBackOffice. He has a background in accounting and finance while employed in private and public companies including as former CFO of a publicly-traded electronic products manufacturing and industrial automation company. His expertise includes start-up and spin-off entity planning and strategy, business development and M&A, having guided many companies through the process. Greg is a CPA and is captain of his sailboat the Buddy Lloyd!

Ermanno Santilli, Executive Advisor

Ermanno is an innovative, resourceful and empowering leader with the tenacity and creativity to find new solutions to old challenges. He is deeply experienced in clean tech as CEO of Magnegas Corporation, where he develops cutting-edge patented solutions which open revolutionary opportunities in the industrial gas and liquid waste treatment industries. He has a proven track record of implementing programs that weave together customer, channel, technology and product into profitable growth. Ermanno has dual US & Italian citizenship and is multilingual. He is also very active in charitable activities, serving as Board Director of Posimoto – Changing Faces, a non-profit youth mentoring program in Tampa, Florida.

Dr. Clark Guest, Scientific Advisor

Clark served on the faculty of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of California San Diego from 1984 to 2014 and is currently Professor Emeritus. Clark has consulted for many prominent companies including TRW, Scientific Atlanta, Litel, Advanced Optical Controls, NKF, and Battelle. Clark received his B.S. and M.E.E degrees in Electrical Engineering from Rice University in 1975 and 1976, respectively. His doctorate, also in Electrical Engineering, was awarded by the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1983. When he’s not hard at work serving as an expert scientific advisor, you will likely find Clark on the road visiting national parks and other sites of interest across the USA.

Dr. Gunnar Trommer, Executive Advisor

Gunnar is a seasoned executive, entrepreneur and strategic advisor whose experience spans high-level management and leadership roles. Gunnar’s Ph.D. engineering background allows him to speak the research and development language with ease, while his specialties include corporate strategy, product management, business development, marketing and entrepreneurship. Gunnar is a partner and managing director at BCG Digital Ventures (DV) in charge of their global digital health business. Before joining BCG DV, Gunnar was in executive and board roles for digital health start-ups as well as in operator roles for large corporations. Prior to that, he advised various medical device, telecom and other high-tech companies as a management consultant with BCG. In Gunnar’s spare time he is an avid cyclist.

JP Plavan, Executive Advisor

JP has diverse executive and entrepreneurial experience ranging from founding and managing technology startups to building a $200mm commercial/industrial enterprise, to strategic advisory board roles. After building Plavan Petroleum for more than 16 years (growing it from $5mm to more than $200mm in annual revenues) he sold the company in 2008 and became co-founder of venture capital group SEAR Technologies to spur innovative developments in predictive analytics and observational data technologies. Currently, JP is Executive Chairman of Riskpulse, an Austin-based company focused on predictive weather analytics for supply chain management. In addition to teaching his 2 awesome kids how to sail, you may find JP flying high in the sky, as he is an IFR Rated Multi Engine Private Pilot.