Customer support: 833-B3CHECK (833-232-4325)
  • Eliminate load center upgrades

  • Simple to install – fast and safe

  • Fits 1 inch stab-in service panels

About the B3 Bypass:

The B3 Bypass is the first Classified Breaker that bypasses the main panel busbar.

Use the B3 Bypass to bypass the main panel busbar and add new loads or onsite generation (i.e. PV, generators).

Product Details:

The B3 Bypass back feeds current without a connection to the load center busbar.

Current passes through the B3 Bypass’ internal busbar to the service line, thus bypassing the panel’s busbar.

The B3 Bypass is designed and tested to be both mechanically and electrically compatible with most 1” service panels. See the B3 Bypass Compatibility List for more details.

The B3 Bypass quad breaker design provides added flexibility by incorporating two 2-pole breakers in a single 2″ package. Multiple amperage configurations are offered (see table below).

Bypass the NEC 120% rule for interconnected power production sources (i.e. solar, batteries, generators).

Available Configurations:

Electrical Diagram:

Safety Information:

  • UL Certified under both UL 489 and UL 67

  • The B3 Bypass is an UL Classified Circuit Breaker

  • UL certification on >1,000 main panels

Detailed Technical Specifications:

For detailed technical specifications, please see B3 Bypass Product and Technical Information.