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QFE002 Products

B3 Bypass


Product Details:

B3 Bypass breakers back feed the current without connection to the load center bus bar. Current passes through an internal bus bar back to the service line. B3 Bypass breakers are UL classified and are designed and tested to be both mechanically and electrically compatible with load centers from most service panels. Construction incorporates 2 duplex breakers assembled together to provide various combinations of 2-pole and single pole devices in a 2-inch package.

Available Configurations:

B3220230N, B3220230S, B3220240N, B3220240S, B3220250N, B3220250S, B3230230N, B3230230S, B3230240N, B3230240S, B3230250N, B3230250S, B3240240N, B3240240S, B3240250N, B3240250S, B3250250N, B3250250S

Mechanical Specifications:

Enclosure type: Injection-molded, glass-reinforced polyamide, UL 94-VO flame rating
Cooling: Natural convection
Dimensions: (H x W x D): 2.9 x 4 x 4.6 in (74 x 102 x 117 mm)
Weight: 15 oz (0.43 kg)
Shipping weight: 17 oz (0.48 kg)

Safety Information:

B3 Bypass breakers are UL classified circuit breakers with applicable safety standards UL 67 and UL 489.
UL File Number: E478699

Utility Interactive Source Ratings:

Maximum voltage: 240VAC
The B3 Bypass breaker may comprise up to two (2) 50 Amp duplex breakers (each capable of continuously back feeding 40 Amps (maximum continuous PV back fed current of 80 Amp per B3 Bypass breaker).
Inverter wiring termination: Box lugs, maximum wire size 4AWG
Grid connection type: 1Ø/3W

Q Stripper


Product Details:

Next-generation stripping tool capable of reliably and safely stripping at any point along cable and wire, not just at the ends
Will not knick or cut strands, due to patented “guiding” design
Robust design with anti-corrosion coating, for real-world usage and years of service
No flop open design for easy, one-handed use
Coated grip for slip-free handling in all conditions
Designed for use with installation of B3 Bypass breaker, as well as many other electrical applications
3 sizes available for a wide range of applications

Available Sizes:

Description: Cable Cutter Assembly, #1/0 AWG Cable, OD 9.44 mm
Cable Size: 1/0 AWG
Description: Cable Cutter Assembly, #1 AWG Cable, OD 8.40 mm
Cable Size: 1 AWG
Description: Cable Cutter Assembly, #6 AWG Cable, OD 4.69 mm
Cable Size: 6 AWG