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High precision thick gauge mid wire and end of wire stripping tool

Q Stripper Product Details:

  • High precision wire stripper

  • Fast and easy mid-wire and end-of-wire stripping

  • Revolutionary patented design

  • Strips thick gauge wire in seconds

Q Stripper Features:

  • Will not nick or cut strands due to patented “guiding” design

  • 6 Ultra Durable Stripping Blades

  • Spring-loaded design for easy one-hand use

  • Anti-corrosion coating and robust design for real-world usage, years of service

  • Coated grip for slip-free handling in all conditions

  • 3 sizes available for a wide range of applications

Why Buy the Q Stripper:

  • Quick, accurate and safe stripping at any location, not just at the ends

  • Huge Savings of Time and Labor

  • Avoid Injury – No more cutting with knives

  • Easy one-handed use

  • Capable of reliably and safely stripping cable or wire per UL44 or 83 at any location along the length

One easy motion FILLETS the insulation open, with a code compliant PERFECT CUT every time

Available Versions:

Product Dimensions: