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No more main service panel upgrades

Introducing the B3 Bypass:
The world's first bus bar bypass breaker

Save time and cost on solar and other green tech installations

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B3 Bypass allows >600% increase in solar system size

without needing a service panel upgrade.

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Accelerating all forms of renewable energy

across the globe

Eliminating barriers to renewable energy

QFE002 is a mission-driven company focused on accelerating adoption of renewable energy.  We do this by creating technologies that eliminate barriers such as cost, time and safety concerns so that renewable energy technology can become ubiquitous and accessible to all.

Our flagship innovation, the B3 Bypass, provides a solution to a real need in the marketplace.  The B3 Bypass is the world’s first bus bar bypass breaker.  The B3 Bypass eliminates the need to upgrade the main service panel in solar energy system installations.  The B3 Bypass dramatically reduces cost and time of the install, while exponentially increasing the potential size of the installation.


B3 Bypass is Now Available to Order!

The B3 Bypass App is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.

To download, access our website from your phone and click below: